Anyone For World Of Statecraft?

by Jason Gorringe

The Finnish research showing that playing on-line community games can be socially constructive is a useful counterblast to the incessant anti-Internet whining of the moral majority.

It's intuitively obvious to any objective observer that if interactive gaming didn't play to the social strengths of the gamers then they wouldn't be interested in the game; but that doesn't stop the nagging nellies from trying to impute moral degeneracy to people who socialize with each other through the medium of an electronic environment.

Actually their Greek chorus cannot be heard inside the gaming environment, and has done nothing whatsoever to impede the amazing growth in the on-line population and in the complexity and verisimilitude of the games they play. The problem is that politicians and legislators - just about the last people to play such games themselves - pay more attention to the antis than to the statistical realities.

Perhaps it's time that game creators put together a virtual reality World of Statecraft in which politicians can have affairs with their research assistants, stab each other in the back, slither up and down the greasy pole, and generally play the games they like - all without leaving the bosom of their family.



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